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Case Study of Healthcare Interoperability in Ontario vs Stockholm

Dr. Smith & Phil (Ontario)

Dr. Smith is Phil's family physician in Ottawa, Ontario. Phil is working for a car manufacturing company. Ten months ago, Phil had an accident at work leading to his hospitalization. He was discharged from the hospital eight months ago. However, Phil's wound was still recovering two months after his hospital discharge when Dr. Smith met him to find out about his hospital episode. After examining Phil’s wound, Dr. Smith realized the wound is infected. As a matter of fact, Dr. Smith - believed Phil needed a few hours of nursing per week for changing his bandages and controling the infection of the wound at Phil's house. Therefore, Dr. Smith referred Phil to their local Community Care Access Center (CCAC) who are specialized to provide extended care to patients outside of healthcare institutions.

Now, Dr. Smith is due for a follow up on Phil's condition. She therefore needs to meet with the family health team nurse from CCAC - Jennifer - to go over a print out of Phil's care. Jennifer stops by Dr. Smith’s practice once a month and brings print-outs of the latest trajectory of Dr. Smith patients. This time around, Phil is on the list. Jennifer's records show that Phil has been receiving 3 hours of nursing per week for the last month.

Erik Johan & Agda (Stockholm)

Erik Johan is a Physiotherapist at Jakobsbergssjukhus hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, he is meeting with Agda - a 75 year old lady - in order to help her relieve some of her back pain. He needs to know a bit about Agda's health history. Therefore, he inserts his badge into the card reader of his computer and gets logged into the Takecare system (http://profdoccare.se/about-takecare/). He's now able to view the list of his current patients. Agda is on the list, of course. Erik starts reading Agda's record filled by their nurse Linda at the time of Agda's admission 3 days ago. Agda is a 75-year-old woman suffering from asthma so she uses an inhaler and as a result she cannot move very quickly. Also she takes 2 50mg tablets of prednisone daily. Then he reads the note from Dr. Adolfsson - the Orthopedic specialist at Jakobsbergssjukhus hospital. Agda had a knee replacement surgery 3 days ago and the results were quite successful. Now, Dr. Adolfsson recommends one hour of Physiotherapy per day. Erik clicks on the link to view Agda's health history, selecting anywhere in the greater Stockholm area. Based on records in the Takecare system, Agda uses a mobility aid device i.e. a cane, and she is suffering from asthma. Erik proceeds to read Agda's latest epicrisis from Dr. Ericsson at Karolinska hospital about a year ago which indicates Agda was diagnosed with arthritis. The Takecare system allows Erik to only view the level of history that can help him better serve Agda e.g. he doesn't have access to Agda's mental health information.

This system has been adopted by Erik's hospital about seven years ago. Prior to that, he had to request each piece of his patients' history from separate healthcare providers individually. He believes the new system has saved a great deal of time and effort for him and a lot of money for the hospital he works at.

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