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Research Proposal

To address the three goals (between parentheses) we have identified, this research will focus on the following tasks. The lead researchers are represented by their initials. Abour nine graduate students will be involved in this project.

  • T1: Study goal-driven and quality-driven decision making in an e-health context (G1).
    • We will study how to use goals to drive and measure the decision-making process. We will also determine how to map goals to business processes and the latter to data requirements in a DW, and then goals to reports or analytics needed to verify that the goals are being met. We will refine the approach to address a particularly important and beneficial high-level goal: "improving patient safety at a teaching hospital" [AF, DEA, MW]
  • T2: Study the suitability and relevance of recent developments in:
    • requirements engineering (G1, G2), decision support and business intelligence (G1, G3), and e-commerce technologies (G2, G3), including tool support. This will be used to guide the modeling and automation of our processes. [DA, MW, LP, DEA]
  • T3: Study how best to combine goal-, scenario-, and aspect-oriented modeling for process modeling and requirements engineering (G2).
    • This task targets the creation of more general theoretical foundations that could be used in domains not limited to e-Health. There will be a particular emphasis on URN, which already combines goals and scenarios. [DA,MW]
  • T4: Study and model relevant processes (G1, G2).
    • We will test some of our conclusions from T2 and T3 on various potential processes such as providing data to the DW; managing changes in the DW requirements, infrastructure and schema; secure access for various stakeholders; managing other processes and developing new ones. Requirements for such processes will be captured, modeled, and managed. This will help validate our partial results and will provide a better understanding of the domain and of new issues. [DA, MW]
  • T5: Replication of work environment for lab study (G1, G2, G3):
    • In order to enable students to more easily develop their approaches and tools for defining and supporting DW-oriented processes, the Intelligent Data Warehouse Laboratory will be enhanced to replicate the settings used at TOH. Some abstract, generated data will be used in the lab, whereas access to the real data will be provided sporadically at TOH's premises. [DA, LP, AF]
  • T6: Prototyping support for some of the processes (G1, G2, G3):
    • Some of the processes in T4 will be targeted for prototyping (i.e., partial support of the process using e-technologies, decision support, and business intelligence tools) using the lab facilities discussed in T5. The processes required to improve patient safety at a teaching hospital (T1) will get a particular attention. [MW, AF]

-- Daniel Amyot - 03 Feb 2006

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