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Project Context

This project will study how to improve and evolve healthcare processes to take advantage of new e-technologies. Our study will take as an example The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), a multi-campus organization with 10,000 employees and over 1,000 beds that provides consolidated care across the city. Resulting from the merger of several hospitals in 1998, it is moving towards a single on-line clinical data repository available across the institution. In 2001, a large data warehouse (DW) project was initiated in order to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of healthcare, to facilitate innovations in healthcare delivery, and to improve the health of the population in general. The DW infrastructure is intended to support research on health and health services, and to support clinical and administrative decision making. The complexity and size of this DW reflect the importance of the TOH in the region, the complexity of that business, and the opportunities for useful health research: on its busiest days, the TOH receives nearly 8000 visitors and delivers over 30,000 tests.

The DW has currently completed its load of historical data (since 1996) and is receiving weekly incremental loads from seven different sources. The DW contains about a thousand fields describing patients and records, encounters, labs and reports, ER tracking, census, facility capacity, staffing information, etc. Several cycles of data validation and auditing have already been completed, and the DW is now deemed to be usable.

The DW will be used by researchers only until mid-2006. One important issue identified by TOH is to make it more accessible and used by various stakeholders, from doctors, nurses, administrators, and researchers, to patients and to other people outside TOH (e.g., clinics, other hospitals and researchers, and home care professionals).

New requirements will emerge when such people start using the DW. Our goals in that context hence include:

  • G1: Process improvement to take advantage of e-technologies such as data warehouses
  • G2: Having good methodologies to describe, analyze, evolve, manage, support, and automate DW-oriented, e-health processes.
  • G3: Promoting the access to the DW and managing changes.

All of these goals need to take into consideration critical domain constraints such as privacy, confidentiality, quality, and consent, as well as heavy legacy (and often manual) processes and regulatory environments.

-- Daniel Amyot - 03 Feb 2006

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