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Keynote by Bruce Trask, CEO of MDE Systems, and Angel Roman, Chief Software Architect of MDE Systems

Applying Model Driven Engineering to Requirements Engineering: Experiences and Challenges from Industry

This talk will cover a variety of lessons learned over ten years of spearheading Model Driven Engineering technologies into both small and large companies and for both small and complex domains. It will include particularly, the role MDE played in the many facets of Requirements Engineering throughout the Systems and Software lifecycle. The inhibitors and challenges in introducing and using MDE in these different kinds of companies and for different types of systems and software are not what you would expect and their solutions are simpler than what you might think and are frequently overlooked. As it turns out, Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), properly done, can go along way in tackling many of the challenges in the requirements space. This talk will cover our experiences and recommendations in this area along with recommended areas of research. Additionally, this talk will cover how MDE can and should be integrated into the various aspects of software development so that it becomes an integral and integrated element in the specification and development ecosystem.

Bruce Trask has been developing real world complex Distributed Real-Time Embedded systems for over 24 years specializing in MDE as applied to these systems in the last 10 years. He has been involved with the entire lifecycle of most of the projects he has participated in from conception, through requirements, through development, testing, integration, fielding and support. He has also been teaching Modeling, MDE, Object Orientation, Design Patterns, UML, C++, CORBA and Framework courses for over 10 years. He is a regular speaker/presenter at international software industry conferences. He has delivered tutorials at the OMG. Bruce Trask is the CEO of MDE Systems Inc.

Angel Roman is the Chief Software Architect of MDE Systems and an expert on the Eclipse Development environment and its application frameworks and modeling frameworks. He has presented at various industry conferences on topics such as Software Defined Radios and MDE Technologies. He has been involved with projects concerning MDE, Eclipse Development, Embedded Linux Systems and OSGi.

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