The workshop features a keynote by Bruce Trask, CEO of MDE Systems, and Angel Roman, Chief Software Architect of MDE Systems, on "Applying Model Driven Engineering to Requirements Engineering: Experiences and Challenges from Industry".

Workshop Motivation and Objectives

The second edition of the Model-Driven Requirements Engineering (MoDRE) workshop continues to provide a forum where researchers and practitioners can discuss the challenges of Model-Driven Development (MDD) for RE. Building on the success of MDD for design and implementation, RE may benefit from MDD techniques when properly balancing flexibility for capturing varied user needs with formal rigidity required for model transformations as well as high-level abstraction with information richness.

MoDRE intends to identify new challenges, discuss on-going work and potential solutions, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of MDD approaches for RE, and survey existing literature on MDD for RE to stimulate discussions during the workshop.

The workshop is co-located with the 20th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'12) in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in September 2012. Accepted papers will become part of the workshop proceedings and published in the IEEE Digital Library.