Overview of Workshop Format

The format of the workshop reflects the goals of the workshop: constructive feedback for accepted workshop papers, collaboration, and community building.

The workshop will be highly interactive with a few presentations in the morning followed by intense group work. Participants will work on a case study problem in small groups, formed based on their specific interests. As a pre-workshop activity, the participants are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the models of the MoDRE case study problem. The group work will be focused on making tangible progress by identifying possible solutions to the MoDRE case study problem, thus furthering problem understanding as well as providing practical examples and motivation for discussions. The anticipated outcome is an extended set of models for the MoDRE case study problem, a better understanding of the relationships of these early models for the MoDRE case study problem, and a list of hot research topics for the MoDRE community. The short presentations as well as the models created during the workshop and discussion points/hot research topics identified during the workshop will be posted on the workshop website after the workshop.