Application Form

EasyChair Conference System

We are asking all potential participants to fill in a short 2 page application form and submit it in pdf format via EasyChair before the deadline.

The application form is just meant to ensure a diverse mix of people with a range of experiences are represented as creativity works best when there is diversity. In particular, we are aiming for a mix of senior people and junior people, including students. We encourage both academics and practitioners to join us. We will try our best to accept all applications but in the case of too many numbers, we will select participants based on the following criteria: (i) ensuring diversity in experience and backgrounds and (ii) willingness to step outside one's particular area of interest and engage positively in creative thinking exercises.


There will be no presentations or papers in workshop proceedings. Whilst we realize that some people need papers to attend workshops, our aim is really to think differently and so do not want participants to be limited to ideas they had before they come to the workshop. We will explore the possibility of paper collaborations after the workshops should participants so wish.


The MODELS 2013 workshop registration process allows participants to move between workshops on any given day. However, moving between workshops is not conducive to creative thinking. We therefore ask applicants to commit to spending the whole day with MOTB.

Registration Requirement

Participants must register for the MOTB'13 workshop before the end of the early registration period.


Since this is a non-standard workshop, we would be happy to provide further information about the workshop format, the expectations on participants and outcomes, and any other question. Do not hesitate to contact us at modelingoutsidethebox2013-info at