The MODELS conference has been running for over fifteen years. Model-driven development, as an idea, is much older. Like any mature community, there is a natural tendency over time for members of the community to think alike and do alike. Research advances become mostly incremental because the community is unable to step beyond accepted boundaries; truly radical ideas are too risky. This is not to say that incremental research is bad. On the contrary, incremental research is the bread and butter of any research discipline; without it, the community would wither and die. However, any discipline also needs the occasional prod towards new ideas that would not flourish under normal conditions. Sometimes, such new ways of thinking arise spontaneously. But sometimes, the community can help it along by creating conditions for outside the box thinking.

What is it?

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Through a series of creativity, lateral thinking, and brainstorming activities, the Modeling Outside the Box (MOTB) workshop will ask participants to think outside the box and imagine different, radical, innovative forms of model-driven engineering (MDE). Participants will be asked to leave behind all their preconceived notions of MDE and to approach the issue of MDE from a different angle. This will be a highly interactive workshop in which facilitators will use tried-and-tested methods for fostering creativity to generate fresh new ideas for MDE. The aim is to avoid the blinkered thinking and tunnel vision that is a natural consequence of any mature discipline. The outcomes will be new connections between people and, hopefully, new ideas that may lead to future research collaborations.

Sounds fun. But is it for me?

We are looking for people who are willing to step outside their particular areas of expertise or interest and join with other positive-thinking individuals to imagine alternative futures for MDE. If you have been frustrated with the current state of MDE practice and want to change things, then we want you!

Sounds like me. Where do I sign up?

We are asking all potential participants to fill in a short application form.

Sounds interesting. But will it really change anything?

We cannot promise that the world will change if you come to this workshop. We can promise that you will meet like-minded individuals, that you will get a chance to have proper conversations with them rather than just listening to presentations, and that your way of thinking will be challenged.

Who is behind this?

Your friendly organizers are Jon Whittle, Nelly Bencomo, and Gunter Mussbacher.

Where is it held?

The workshop is co-located with the ACM/IEEE 16th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS 2013) in Miami, Florida, USA, in September/October 2013.