Overview of Workshop Format

The format of the workshop reflects the goals of the workshop: constructive feedback for accepted workshop papers, collaboration, and community building.

Most of the workshop is devoted to group work and discussions. The workshop will start off with a keynote presentation. The remainder of the workshop will consist of short presentations of accepted papers, a brainstorming session aimed at identifying the most pressing questions and issues in the area of early aspects and software product lines, highly effective paper review sessions based on the patterns' community's Writer's Workshop, group discussions that explore further the issues identified during the brainstorming session, and a general discussion session.

Writer's Workshop

In essence, each author of an accepted paper will be asked to provide constructive feedback on two other accepted papers during the Writer's Workshop, i.e. authors come prepared to the workshop with written comments about each assigned paper. A typical Writer's Workshop follows the guidelines described below.

All authors in a group review each others' papers before the workshop. At the workshop, each paper is addressed individually. All authors of a group sit in a circle. First, the author of the paper reads a few sentences of the paper (s)he thinks are the most important ones. From this point on, the author becomes a fly on the wall, not being allowed to respond to reviews. The author, however, is strongly encouraged to take notes. The person sitting to the right of the author is also assigned the role of a note-taker as well as time-keeper. The person sitting to the left of the author starts the review by telling the group her/his thoughts about the paper. The reviewer first highlights the things (s)he liked about the paper. Then, the reviewer gives feedback about the things that can be improved, always remaining constructive by not just flagging a problem but also suggesting to the author ways of how a particular problem can be resolved. Once the first reviewer is done, the review continues with the next person sitting to the left until all members of the group have given feedback to the author of the paper. The time-keeper ensures that the paper's review lasts for about 30 minutes including a brief clarification period for the author of the paper at the end of the review. During this period, the author is only allowed to ask questions to clarify received feedback, but is not allowed to defend her/his paper at this point. This is best left for off-line discussions as it can considerably compromise the efficiency of the review. At the end of the allotted time, the author thanks the reviewers and collects the notes from the note-taker and all reviewers. The Writer's Workshop then continues with the next paper. For more information on the Writer's Workshop technique, see the Writer's Workshop Patterns.