Overview of Workshop Format

The format of the workshop reflects the goals of the workshop: constructive feedback for accepted models of the focused case study, collaboration, and community building.

The format of the workshop is that of a working discussion. Participants are grouped for discussion by development phase and paradigm of their submissions. After a brief introduction and discussion of the planned day, these groups will evaluate the models and modeling approaches they represent according to the comparison criteria. We expect some discussion of the effectiveness and relevance of the criteria from these groups. Following the smaller discussions, results will be presented to all participants, the comparison criteria and so-called "parking lot" criteria will be discussed (criteria for which there was no shared definition or understanding at previous workshops). One or two larger groups will then discuss how various approaches could work together to create an end-to-end development methodology. We will close with a working session on how to publish the submitted models, approaches, evaluations, and comparisons.