Download the full Call for Models for the Comparing Modeling Approaches Workshop at MODELS 2012.

Download a one-page Call for Models for easy posting on office doors, bulletin boards, etc.

Workshop Objectives


The workshop version of the accepted models and criteria categorizations will be published just prior to the workshop in ReMoDD. Similarly, final versions that may utilize modified criteria will also be published in ReMoDD shortly after the workshop. After the workshop, participants are also strongly encouraged to participate in publication of the workshop report in the MODELS 2012 Satellite Proceedings which will be part of the ACM Digital Library, and a more comprehensive journal publication effort spanning results from previous workshops that will focus on the insights gained during the workshop.

Focused Case Study

The Requirements Definition Document for a (Software Product Line of) Car Crash Management System(s) describes two options, however, prospective participants may choose to model only one in their submission. The first option is a single system whereas the second option is a software product line with a number of variations.

Comparison Criteria

The comparison criteria document contains 42 questions about modeling dimensions and key modeling concepts covering, for example, semantics, units of encapsulation, applicable development phases, modularity and composability, tracability, and tool support. Several other potential comparison criteria such as reusability, scalability, and inter-module dependency and interaction have been identified as "parking lot" criteria. For an assessment based on a previous version of the comparison criteria, see the CMA 2011 workshop report.

Workshop Attendance

The workshop is open to the public but priority will be given to authors of models of the focused case study. Non-authors are strongly advised to contact the workshop organizers to express their interest to attend the workshop. Authors who do not register for the workshop prior to the event will be unable to have their work considered as part of the workshop.