Modeling Approaches covered at CMA'12

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Modeling ApproachModelersScope
Aspect-Oriented Modeling for Performance Evaluation with UML+MARTE, LQN, and CSMMohammad Alhaj, Dorina C. PetriuSPL
Aspect-Oriented Modeling with KermetaBenoit Combemalen/a *
Concern-Driven Development with AoURN and RAMOmar Alam, Matthias Schöttle, Gunter Mussbacher, Jörg KienzlebCMS
Goal-Oriented Modeling with i*Jennifer HorkoffSPL
Goal-Oriented Modeling with Intentional Requirements EngineeringA. Padua A. Oliveira, Luiz Marcio Cysneiros, Vera Maria Werneck, Julio Cesar LeitebCMS
Modeling with Activity Theory (AT)Geri Georg, Lucy TroupbCMS
Modeling with Adapt CasesMarkus Luckey, Felix MutzSPL
Modeling with Aspect State Machines (AspectSM)Shaukat AliSPL
Modeling with LEAPTony Clark, Balbir BarnbCMS
Modeling with Model Driven Service Engineering (MDSE)Urooj Fatima, Rolv Brækn/a *
Modeling with Umple Model-Oriented ProgrammingTim LethbridgeSPL
Modeling with Visual Contract Language (VCL)Nuno AmáliobCMS
UML-based Modeling (Activity Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Component Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, State Machines, Use Cases Diagrams)Shaukat Ali, Robert France, Geri Georg, Jörg Kienzle, Ana Moreira, Gunter Mussbachern/a *

*) assessment only

Modeling Approaches covered at CMA'11

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Modeling ApproachModelersScope
Activity Theory (AT)Geri Georg, Lucy TroupbCMS
Aspect-oriented User Requirements Notation (AoURN)Gunter MussbacherbCMS
Cloud Component Approach (CCA)Jean-Baptiste Lézoray, An Phung-Khac, Antoine BeugnardSPL
Model Driven Service Engineering (MDSE)Urooj Fatima, Rolv BrækbCMS
Object-oriented Software Product Line (OO-SPL)Afredo Capozucca, Betty H.C. Cheng, Nicolas Guelfi, Paul IstoanSPL
Reusable Aspect Models (RAM)Jörg Kienzle, Wisam Al Abed, Valentin Bonnet, Omar Alam, Jacques Klein, Jean-Marc JézéquelbCMS

Modeling Approaches

The following aspect-oriented, feature-oriented, object-oriented, and service-oriented modeling approaches of interest have been identified. If you want to model the case study with one of the listed modeling approaches or any other modeling approach not limited to aspects, features, objects, and services, please submit your selection before the deadline. Your name will then be added in the modelers column. It may also be possible to join a group of modelers that is already shown in the list. Please contact the organizers.

Modeling ApproachModelers
Agile Modeling based on Scott Ambler's book
Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design with Theme/Doc and Theme/UML based on Siobhán Clarke and Elisa Baniassad's book
Aspect-Oriented Executable Modeling (AOEM)
Aspect-Oriented Modeling with Formal Design Analysis Framework (FDAF)
Aspect-Oriented Modeling with Kompose/ModMap
Aspect-Oriented Software Development with Use Cases based on Ivar Jacobson and Pan-Wei Ng's book
Feature Modeling
Formal Modeling with Alloy
Modeling Aspects Using a Transformation Approach (MATA)
Modeling of Software Product Lines with an extension of Simula Product Line (SimPL)
Modeling with Activity moDel suppOrting oRchestration Evolution (ADORE)
Modeling with Analysis and Description of Requirements and Architecture (ADORA)
Modeling with AspectLEDA
Modeling with Aspect-Oriented Architecture Description Language (AO-ADL)
Modeling with Aspect-Oriented Design Language (AODL)
Modeling with Generic Reusable Concern Compositions (GReCCo)
Modeling with High-Level Aspect Language (HiLA)
Modeling with Jasmine-AOI/Jasmine-AOV
Modeling with Petri Nets
Modeling with Requirements Description Language (RDL) including Identification of Concerns with EA-Miner
UMLsec with Kompose
UML-based Modeling based on Craig Larman's book
UML-based Modeling based on Tim Lethbridge and Robert Laganière's book
UML-based Modeling for Software Product Lines based on Hassan Gomaa's book